Bye for a little while... Brainstorming

After ~450 shipments worldwide, selling ~4000 stickers and contributing ~400€ to Open Source projects it is time to re-evaluate this business.
If everything goes according to the plans, we will be back on February with something totally new plus some stickers.

Originally this project was started as a hobby in order to produce high quality stickers and to deliver them reliably to the customers - something that few companies failed to do at that time.
Now I am happy to say that everything looks good.

In case you need vast amounts of stickers (Arch, Mint, Android, etc) then please contact me directly. There are still several thousand stickers left :-) Link to sticker catalog
Otherwise they will be contributed to the community on several gatherings (feel free to email me).
If there is any outstanding issues with shipments or anything else for that matter, please feel free to contact me directly: teemu [at] otala [dot] fi

For now please visit my next project